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Plastic Surgery Princess PRO

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A virtual plastic surgery app with GLOBAL popularity!******ABOUT THE APP******Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a secretly desired plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery operation such as Rhinoplasty, liposuction, or breast augmentation? Have you considered consulting with a plastic surgeon? Are there parts of your face or body that you would like smaller, larger, wider, narrower etc. that could be resolved with cosmetic surgery augmentation? Have you thought of what you may look like with a breast or buttock lift? Let this app be your virtual guide to see what you would look like with that desired cosmetic surgery operation before contacting an aesthetic surgeon.
Or, Would you like to have some fun making tweaks or ridiculous virtual warps of your face?
Plastic Surgery Princess is a simple, fun, and interesting virtual morph and face manipulation app. It is a virtual plastic surgery simulator that distorts and warps photos for beauty and beautification purposes such as: aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, nose job, boob job, etc.; or, the user may also use the app to warp and manipulate photos to show fun warping, bending, and morphing effects on the face and body.
******APP USE****** The app is very easy to use. Simply do the following: 1) Import a photo 2) Drag/stretch, grow, or shrink the targeted area 3) Press reset/undo if desired 4) Press preview to view manipulated features 5) Save photo to photo album
Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery that may be simulated with this app: -Virtual aesthetic surgery-Simulated Breast augmentation (boob job)-Rhinoplasty (nose job)-Facelift (face lift)-Liposuction-Simulated Muscle augmentation-Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)-Simulated Lip augmentation-Leg reshaping-Face contouring-Chin augmentation-Simulated Cheek augmentation-Breast enlargement (Mammoplasty)-Breast reduction (Mammaplasty)-Double eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)-Nip and tuck-Breast lift-Body contouring simulation-Weight loss simulation-Thin face, thin arms, thin legs, thin belly-Plump or big muscle-Abdominal liposuction-Buttocks augmentation-Plastic facial-Remove scar, remove acne, remove wrinkle-Brow lift-Thigh (femoral) reduction simulation-Arm lift (Brachioplasty)-Facial esthetics-Facial rejuvenation -Ocular esthetics-Gynecomasty (enlargement/enhancement of male breast)-Aesthetic ear surgery simulation
Please contact us regarding issues with the app or if you have any recommendations for our next update.
Note: This app is for purposes of “fun” only and is not for medical use or medical advice regarding aesthetic surgery or cosmetic surgery.